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Kontrolórka kvality

Kontrolórka kvality v automobilovém průmyslu

Přijmeme ženy na pozici kontroly kvality v automobilovém průmyslu

Práce v 3 směnném provozu

Požadujeme: středoškolské vzdělání, prax z výrobní firmy

Nabízíme: 124,- kč hrubého, stabilní zaměstnání, výborný kolektiv


V Případě zájmu nás neváhejte kontaktovat na bezplatní infolinku 800888238 nebo pište na


Pomocný dělník Ostrov u Stříbra a Bor u Tachova

Práce ve výrobě textilních částí automobilů


Šič/ka Chomutov

Šič/ka autopotahů



Termíny náborů zaměstnanců do výroby klimatizací v Plzni


Operátor/ka výroby klimatizací Plzeň

Výroba klimatizací


Řidič VZV Bor u Tachova

Práce v logistickém skladu


Picker/skladník, skladový manipulant Praha-východ

Práce v logistickém skladu


Operátor/ka výroby Jablonec nad Nisou

plastů pro automobilový průmysl


Skladový operátor Nová Hospoda, Tachov

Práce v logistickém skladu


Operátorka výroby Bělá nad Radbuzou

Výroba elektrosoučástek do satelitů


Operátor výroby Klatovy

Výroba nábytku


Operátor/ka výroby televizí Plzeň

Práce ve výrobě televizí Plzeň Borská pole


We offer to employees:

  • Social and health insurance in the CR
  • accommodation in hostels and flats for free
  • transport to job placement in case of large recruitments
  • meals within employing company free of charge or at a subsidized price
  • wage in CZK in cash or transfer to bank account in KB for one year free of charge

Examples of manufacturing jobs:

  • TV and PC manufacturing,
  • manufacture of air conditioning,
  • storage and packaging of sausages,
  • work in a bakery and confectionery,
  • cable assembly for the automotive industry,
  • work with advertising brochures,
  • HV and LV electrical installations,,
  • and others.

What is needed for employment contract:

  • valid passport or ID card,
  • education diploma/certificate,
  • employment record,
  • If you are interested in working in the food industry - a valid medical certificate and proof of medical examination.

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For companies

Reasons for cooperating
with Trend Práce job agency

Rich experience

Are you looking for an experienced partner on the job market? We have been doing business on the Czech job market for eight years. We have covered more than 5,000 labour as well as many qualified positions.


Workforce from the Czech Republic and abroad

Is there a lack of qualified workforce in your region? We provide screening and searching for workers from entire Czech Republic, Slovakia, or European Union. We are able to accommodate them with necessary services (accommodation, transportation and education).


Quick response

Are you in need of a qualified worker? You can find our Training Centres in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other EU countries. Utilizing our internal databases, we can ensure suitable workers based on your requirements.


Training Centres

Do you want to make sure your potential worker is ready for a particular position? Based on your requirements, we can arrange trainings in fields of literacy, skills, etc. We are ready to adhere to your mandatory qualifying specifications.


High level of professionalism

Is professionalism a must? Our experienced team has high level of expertise and practical experience necessary for innovative partnership on the job market. We are here for you!


You are entitled to replacement in case of discrepancy

Are you not satisfied with a worker? We can ensure immediate replacement.



Services we provide


temporary workforce allocation
selection of the worker based on the client's requirement
HR consultancy
introduction and setting of HR processes, motivation, mentoring, HR audit, etc.
payroll služby


Are you impressed? Contact us on: 800 888 238 or

About us

Trend Práce s.r.o. is a job and recruitment agency with long tradition on the Czech market. Our top priority is to provide top-notch services within areas of personnel leasing, recruitment, HR consultancy and payroll management.

Our team of professionals is capable of recruiting suitable labourers as well as employees for skilled positions. Temporary workforce recruitment is a vital pillar that is typical for the modern job market. During existence of our company, we have arranged jobs for more than 6500 applicants within Temporary Job and Recruitment programmes. All employees are trained in our Training Centers.

We also provide our clients with professional HR counselling and we successfully cooperate on projects such as HR audits, internships, payroll management, video-profile management, assessment centers and many others.

Our team consists of top managers, traders and HR specialists focusing on your satisfaction and success.

Our activities overstep border of the Czech Republic thanks to cooperation and partnership with Trend Prace Slovakia.

Trend Práce s.r.o. - your real future.

Wondering who used our services?

Training centre

We train new employees in our training center, thus developing their qualification and competencies and preparing them for the new assignment.

We provide high quality training and testing according to our client's requirements with reference to a particular work position description.

Our team of consultants and trainers consists of professionals with rich experience and qualification background enabling them to lead various trainings.

Services provided by our training center:

  • Initial introduction of a particular work position
  • Literacy testing
  • Manual skills testing
  • Psychotests
  • Occupational health and safety training
  • Testings and trainings specified by the client
  • Education



Mathematics Go to the test


Comparative test Go to the test


Test on the ability to find the model numbers are the same Go to the test


Test for comprehension - PO topic Go to the test


Test for comprehension - BOZP topic Go to the test


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Company management
Radek Svoboda, MBA, Executive Director
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Prague office
Křižíkova 345/4, 180 00 Praha 8, Karlín, Ph.: +420 230 234 285  
Rastislav Vágo, Project manager
Ph: +420 733 530 461
Jana Vardzalová, Coordinator
Ph: +420 731 949 467
Patrik Volka, Coordintator
Tel: +420 732 995 688

Jablonec office
Podhorská 377/20, 466 05 Jablonec nad Nisou, Ph.: +420 739 043 843  
Monika Zoubelová , Project manager
Ph: +420 739 043 843
Ondřej Lipovský, Coordinator
Tel: +420 739 154 757
Jiřina Hromádková, Coordinator
Ph: +420 731 904 462

Pilsen office

Domažlická 599/158, 318 00 Plzeň, Ph.: + 420 377 927 050  
Bc. Marta Kopřivová, Assistent
Ph: +420 377 927 050
Jana Politidis, Coordinator
Ph: +420 739 210 787
Monika Doležalová, Assistent
Ph: +420 377 927 050
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Tomáš Krampol, Coordinator
Ph: +420 736 171 243
Mgr. Eva Kundriková, Assistent
Ph: +420 377 927 050
Jan Tlustý, Coordinator
Ph: +420 739 130 132
Anna Řezníčková, Coordinator
Ph: +420 730 510 217
Svetlana Petkova, Translator Bulgarian
Ph: +420 730 510 216

Region North Bohemia (Chomutov)
Karel Iager, koordinátor (Chomutov)
Ph: +420 733 530 460
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